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"Death cube" drosera identification needed

My local nursery was having a 30% off sale on some plants and I decided to pick up a "death cube" VFT and Drosera. Does anyone know what species of Drosera this is? My guess would be spatulata.

My guess for it would be a severely etiolated D. spatulata or D. x tokaiensis.
Pictures of the flowers would probably help, if you can get some.
Thanks Bio, it's definitely looking a bit rough right now. As you mentioned, it seems quite etiolated, very green, and has little to no dew at the moment. All reasons for why I have avoided death cube plants in the past, this drosera and the VFT I got are the first CPs I've bought from a nursery not dedicated to CPs. For $5 each the price was right though.

Hopefully it recovers in its new pot soaking up the sun (what little of it there is right now.)
It looks like it is stem-forming from the plants in the center of the second photograph. Not sure what it is though.