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Dealing with mealybug

Hey TF! Got my first real pest problem here. I have a mealybug infestation. I've seen one or two here and there for a while, and removed adults I saw and treated the plants they were on with imidicloprid. However, for one reason or another, the population in my growspace has boomed, and my plants are not looking good.
My Mexican butterworts are the main group being affected, but I saw some on my stapeliads today. I also have a lot of other juicy succulents I'm sure they'll move in on in no time.
How do I deal with these pests? Also, very importantly, how can I deal with these in a way that is pet-safe?
Thanks for any experience or advice!
I heard neem oil is safe on pings, but while I have used neem on my nepenthes and woody plants I've never tried it on pinguicula. The spaghnum around the nepenthes did get a bit bleached but bounced back, if that helps any. The neem got rid of all the aphids, spider mites and possibly scale. I only ever saw one scale so I'm not sure if I ever had an infestation of it...
Thank you, I happen to have some neem on hand. Do you know anything about the application process?
I think I remember reading it only kills juvenile mealybugs.
The systemic used properly should have cleared up the problem. You need to continue or change to a different systemic and follow the instructions.
Thank you, I happen to have some neem on hand. Do you know anything about the application process?
I think I remember reading it only kills juvenile mealybugs.

Oops, super late reply but here it is just in case.
I used something like 1 teaspoon per 1 quart of water and shook vigorously, spraying it on. I wasn't very precise with the measurement, but I believe this is still a weaker solution than is recommended to droseras. I wanted to be safe so erred on the side of less than more. It helps if you use warm water because the oil refuses to mix well. Effectiveness dwindles rapidly after mixing I heard, so I made a fresh batch every time and used the leftover for my backyard. It did take a while though, maybe because I used a weaker solution. Every two or three days for two weeks, maybe a bit over. It's a systemic so that's a plus. I also have no fungus gnats now!
fredg: Thank you for your advice. I have read that imidicloprid is not especially effective in dealing with mealybugs. I am dealing with it in other ways.

Alita: Thanks for your advice and attention to my thread. I applied my systemic-of-choice (imidicloprid) to one plant, and it didn't react adversely. It's good to know that neem is safe on Drosera which tend to be more sensitive than Mexican Pinguicula. The most important question I have though, is whether neem oil is safe for pets. I live in a studio, and I have a cat. I cannot separate my grow space from my living space, and so any pest control I use must not harm my cat. I have read conflicting reports about neems safety. Any inside knowledge?

In addition, I repotted all my pings, and submerged the turface they were all potted in into a hotwater bath. This was an attempt to drown any mealies or larvae that may be in the media. I manually removed all adults and egg sacs I saw, and treated the areas around them with peroxide. I have not seen any adults since, but I will continue to be vigilant.