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Dealing with cold air drafts on windowsill

I have a large, south facing windowsill in my apartment that seems like a good location to grow a fairly wide variety of carnivorous plants. The apartment is heated to 68f , but I can achieve true "highland" conditions (ideal for the Nepenthes and rosetted sundews I want to grow) if I leave my window partially open overnight. While this will achieve an ideal ambient nighttime temp in the apartment (mid 50s-60f), I am concerned about drafts of very cold air damaging my plants in the winter. I live in a very cold climate and nighttime lows in the winter regularly drop below 0f. To get the desired amount of nighttime temp drop in winter, the window will only be left opened a crack overnight.

I am concerned that even if my "ambient" temps are ideal, sporadic blasts of (very)cold air could injure my plants. Any Nepenthes growing on the windowsill setup will be in a terrarium, which will provide an extra layer of insulation.
With a sealed terrarium, a draft is unlikely to be a problem, but I know people have done what you are suggesting and on very cold nights, without careful monitoring of conditions, they've had plants get frostbite, so approach with extreme caution.
Could try jamming the crack in the window with some balled up plastic bags or rolled up bubble wrap. That'll land you somewhere in the middle. Plus, if there are any drafty nights (say the wind's blowing 100mph) it won't be able to really get inside to your planties. I'd probably say cracking the window each and every night is overkill and I'd see how they do with simply adjusting your thermostat. If you end up missing nights at all it may do more harm than good by confusing the neps.