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Dead Plant

I have an issue with plants waking up after dormancy then dying and I don't know if its common. I think I might be putting them out to soon and the weather fluctuations is shocking them. I have no idea whats going on, curious to see what you guys think.

This plant was sending out its first pitchers and then we had a 10 day cold front followed by high 80 degree weather. The plant stopped growing and then the pitchers went limp and were easily pulled off.


What the inside of the rhizome looked like



That's rhizome rot from being too wet.
I dealt with this in every sarr pot during each spring of 2010 to 2012.

The solution to my problem, and the direct cause of having a successful winter dormancy and spring wake up this year was: building an in-ground bog for all of my sarrs. Ditch the pots.. makes life so much easier. For you.. and the sarrs.
I doubt it has anything to do with weather/temp fluctuations in the spring..
anything above 32 degrees F is not too cold for them..
they will just grow slower in the cold, (above 32) but the cold shouldn't hurt them at all..

I agree with mass..rhizome rot caused by something..my thought is, perhaps they were kept too wet during winter dormancy..
How do you store them for dormancy? and how wet were they all winter?
also, how long has it been since they were repotted?

They were not that wet during winter. I repotted them this spring, I have a white pitcher plant I feel is going to share the same fate. They both started to send up a flower bud and those withered away and died about a 2 weeks ago. Everything went bad once that cold front hit, they also been wet and water logged with rain all this spring.
Rhizome rot from too much water? I have my plants sitting in quite a bit of water never had these problems, sometimes after a rain the water dish is filled about 90% of the way up the pot.

You mentioned a cold front, what were the lows you were getting? I brought my plants out around april and they had a few freezes but no extreme cold temps and they are all doing fine. Perhaps you have had really cold temps?

Also you mentioned you repotted them, this could have something to do with it, are you using the right potting mix? Maybe it has added nutrients in the peat like miracle grow peat? I think I read somewhere that sarrs will die in like 2-3 weeks if potted in too nutrient rich media.
Typical root rot is not from too much water, but from too little oxygen.... ;-)
It sounds to me like the rhizome may have been planted deeper in the soil or not as deep as it used to be. I know my Sarrs get fussy after transplanting if their rhizome isn't just right. The rhizome is used to "x" conditions originally but cannot cope with the extra rhizome exposure or lack of exposure. That is the only time I have lost a Sarr to too much water, or as Av8tor1 just said, lack of oxygen. It was used to having more of its rhizome exposed and the rhizome just turned to mush. Usually if too much rhizome is exposed it suffers in the heat. I have far different weather than you and my maladies may be far different than yours. Just putting my experiences out there.
RIP to your Sarr.

A friend is checking on my plants for me for a few days, and now I am worried about mine sitting in water with this cool front moving through! *fingers crossed*
I will cross my fingers for you as well. Its a good thing a cool front for me right now is about 45 at the lowest.