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Hey guys I just thought I would start this thread because:

1. Cobra Lilies are amazing.
2. I don't see too many pics of them.

So feel free to post any pics in the wild, in culture, in tissue culture...whatever.

I'll start it off with the first one I've grown, which I got on Christmas. It seems to be happy:

New Pitcher:

There was some crud on the lens which I thought added a cool effect

Baby new Pitcher

More of the baby:

I'll post some more soon maybe even a progression... I'm looking forward to seeing responses (hopefully with pics ;))
any excuse to post pics of my plants is good with me,last year was my first year with darlingtonia so here are a couple of pics
Awesome pics! I was away for the last couple of days, and that new pitcher grew like crazy. I'll update with pics really soon.
I've come to really like them as well! The one pictured has been growing for 13 months straight inside.



Awesome pics!

Have you guys ever seen these mutant pitchers:

The one in the left background


they look almost like tiny sars. I don't recall hearing anything about these types pitchers on darlingtonia.
The "mutant" leaves are just juvenile pitchers, typical on seedlings and stolon offshoots.

Here are a few shots of Darlingtonia in the wild in the Sierra Nevada:

EDIT: And one more of yours truly at a small Darlingtonia seep in Del Norte County, CA.

I love all the pictures! I found the last one to be one of my favorites though hahaha!
@BioZest: thats exactly what my seedlings look like, I actually just got my first adult looking pitcher
Wow Beautiful Pictures, Natalie! @tatorger: good to know
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I forgot the pitchers could be so large. I should be pulling my seeds out of stratification any day now.
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Love the Darlingtonia pics!!!!! Specially the one with the over-crowded population of Darlingtonia. :)
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i have some seeds stratifying outdoors right now. How fast do they grow/mature?
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My seeds just finished week one in stratification in the fridge.
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:-Dgreat in situ pics natalie
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A couple of my Darlingtonia from 2010, I've not been taking pics of them since.




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Wow Fred. Those look great. I love Darlingtonia's flowers.
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fred those darlingtonia are some of the best grown i have seen,great growing
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Wow those are beautiful! Are they still growing like that today?
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Wow those are beautiful! Are they still growing like that today?

I thinned them out last year and this winter I had to do a bit of pitcher lopping to try and get rid of tortrix moth.
Otherwise yes they are as was, Darlingtonia I find are very easy to grow.
I've had a few plants in a tray for a couple of years so they could do with planting into a double tray as the others, that would look the same next year. Darlingtonia "Othello" is sending out multiple runners too so may need planting up into a large tray.
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Very impressive, Fred. I need to make the three our drive South to see them in the wild.