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Darlingtonia Seed Viability

Anyone know how long this seed is viable? I have noticed that my seed has gotten a bit flat and I hope that it's just my imagination. Does cobra seed get flat when it is unviable?

Thanks in advance
Don't know how a seed goes "flat," but if left out at room temperature for too long, Darlingtonia seed, like all carnivorous seeds, does lose viability very quickly. Kept out, you might get good germination rates for 2 or 3 months, but if kept cool, the seed will stay good for years.
As hcarlton says to a large extent it depends on how they are kept and how long they are kept, as obviously some storage conditions are a lot worse and detrimental to the seeds than others. If there is any chance at all I would damp stratify them for six weeks and try them. As for going 'flat' I know what you mean, but no the seeds I have had in that condition have germinated, not all obviously but 40-60%

I have kept Darlingtonia seed in the fridge for 2 years and still got good germination rate.
Ok I guess thats all I need to know. Thanks for replying everyone! I think my seed is still viable. I sowed some seed on the 18th of August and hopefully I will have some seedlings in a few weeks! :D
Hey that one guy! Good luck with your seeds!
Im sure you will have many lil babies soon :)
The germination is very fast for darlingtonia, 2-3 weeks. I sow 10 seeds july 23, and i have already 6 seedlings. Once germinated, the tiny plants grow VERY slowly!