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Darlingtonia californica - 3 inch pot (catrus $10)

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Darlingtonia californica - 3 inch pot


This is a runner I divided in 2011 so it should be well established. I've been growing the mother plant for over seven years. Location data is unknown but most likely it is from the so-called coastal populations. It has not resumed growth yet so the pitchers you see are from last season. It usually only gets this coloration in the late fall - early winter however the mother plant last year was starting to show some nice coloration during the summer.

Plant will be shipped bare root, USPS Priority. Winner pays shipping $5.80. Shipping will be combined where possible. US only. I may trim pitchers to make shipping easier.

Bidding starts at $3.00
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Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Payment received. Shipped 4/23/13. Tracking info emailed to winner.
Delivery confirmation indicates item delivered 4/25/13.
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