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damp off and fungicides

i have heard that if you try to germinate sarracenia seeds and other cp seed that damp-off and fungus and mld and stuff. what do you guys think is the best. can you get it at a nursery

Generally you can avoid damp off by using a sterilized potting mix, or something 'non soil' like milled sphagnum. If you use bottled distilled water or some other clean water source it is unlikely you will contaminate the pots of seed.

It is generally a good idea to treat your seeds with a general all purpose fungicide like captan. Especially if they are going to be stratified for a month or two.

Damp off can be caused by Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium or Rhizoctonia. A systemic fungicide that controls these (or most of them) is the best defense. I am not sure exactly what is available at retail nurseries that would work. If I recall, PFT was selling Banrot which is a very good systemic fungicide and would work against damp off fungi.