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Since I'm really only interested in Nepenthes, that's the only thing I've put in this list.
Up-to-date as of July 25, 2011
Species in Bold are my favorite


N. alata 'Boschiana Mimic'
N. alata x reinwardtiana "Maka'ula"
N. glabrata
N. gracilis var. nigrapurpurea
N. hamata H75/JK BE
N. lowii x truncata "Purple" EP release 2004
N. maxima x talangensis
N. mirabilis "lipstick"
N. reinwardtiana "red" LHNN [C0333] Larger Red-Yellow Pitchers
N. reinwardtiana "red" LHNN [C0334] Small Deep maroon pitchers, Mt. Silam

N. reinwardtiana "red" From seed
N. sanguinea "orange"
N. sanguinea "brown"
N. sanguinea x truncata
N. truncata "Pasian Highland"
N. truncata "Queen of Hearts X King of Spades"
N. ventricosa
N. ventricosa (j) x ramispina