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D. spatulata(?) from Aceh

I was given these plants from Gunung Leuser in Aceh from a relatively high altitude. I initially thought that it might be D. ultramafica, but it's leaves are quite different from the description. Would any one have an opinion on what it might be? Drosera spatulata perhaps?
I'd say a form of spatulata. The leaves and stipules definitely don't match ultramafica, nor the hybrid.
Ah, rats. I had thought that I might have something rare on my hands. Oh well.
Have you had them for a while now? I'd be interested to see a pic of a flower if/when it forms.
The plants came with flower stalks, but the flowers had withered before I had an opportunity to photograph them. I'll wait for them to flower to take some images. Feeding a pinhead cricket to a plant might trigger flowering as it did for one of my the other D. spatulata.
I assume since you are in SG, you have "lowland" conditions? How are the they adapting?
They are being grown in an airconditioned room where the temperature rarely goes above 25 degrees C, and they are doing quite well.