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D. (schizandra x prolifera) x adelae - Is it possible?

Hello folks. I grow Drosera "Andromeda" - schizandra x prolifera.
The cross, or at least my plants, shows incredibly hybrid vigor. I've only had this hybrid a short while, say a month and a half, and in this time I've moved. This hybrid hasn't skipped a beat. To my delight, it has doubled in size for me and is now sending up a flower stalk. I'm thinking about trying to cross it with Drosera adelae and creating an all-three sisters hybrid. I've heard that adelae seed is sterile though? I'm hoping that adelae seed is only sterile when self pollinated, but that pollination with other species will result in viable seed. What do you folks think?
Why not give it a try? I have not heard that about Adelae.
I think it would be one of my favorite Drosera if it is true. However, it's not the sterility of adelae I would question, but whether the hybrid is sterile.

If the hybrid turns out to be fertile, then this has a good chance of working.
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If I made the cross, and it worked, would both plants bear seed?
I have grown most of my adelae from seed, and produced seed a few times in my collection, but they don't seem to be self pollinating like a capensis and need to be cross pollinated.

Can you post a pic of the hybrid
Here's a picture of the hybrid.

WHOA! That thing catches flies? It must have some serious stickiness. :0o:

At any rate, while I'm not an expert geneticist, I think the cross should be possible. As far as I know, plant genetics (for the most part) don't work the same as animal genetics, without gender (for the most part) and such to determine.

But we'll never know unless someone tries!