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Hello everybody, I have a D. schizandra that I have been growing for a few months in a sealed glass container, however, living in Florida the temps will soon get to extreme for it and I don't want it to die. So, I'm offering it up for trade. I need to have this plant shipped before about the 20th of March, after that it will probably begin to suffer from the heat. Here's the plant with quarter for scale:

and it's current setup:

Here's the list of all the plants I would be interested in trading for this, mostly interested in trading for other Drosera but I'm interested in anything, exclamation mark is for plants that I am very interested in acquiring:

D. anglica "Hawaii x California"!
Any petiolaris/wooly sundews besides D. paradoxa!
D. regia (Maybe, I'm not sure if it would do good during the summer here, Escambia county, FL, any advice?)
D. slackii
D. madagascariensis
D. affinis

P. pumila
P. ionantha (only if you are in the state of Florida though!)
Slightly less common mexican pings that are not on my growlist
Any Mediterranean area pings

U. alpina!
U. humboldtii!
other tropical epiphytic utrics
unusual terrestrial utrics

ANY lowland-intermediate neps

Remember Drosera schizandra requires temps below 80 F, if you can't provide these temps please don't try to trade, I really don't want this plant to die :) Thanks!
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Interested in a plug of U. longifolia?
....or B. liniflora seeds?
Sorry guy's, I recently acquired U. longifolia, and it seems I want ever have a shortage of it again, taking over it's pot already, and I recently got some B. liniflora seeds too, so thank you for the offers, but no thanks :)

I think I'm going to close this trade up now, thanks for all the great offers!