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D. rubrifolia Help


Formerly known as Pineapple
I bought a D. rubrifolia on the 29th of December and it has been declining. All of my other tropical and subtropical dews are doing fine... This one seems REALLY finicky, probably the most finicky plant I've ever kept.

Here's how it was when I bought it...


And now...


Don't let the picture fool you, it isn't brown, it is still red, just less red. That is the camera setting that is the closest to how they actually appear, even on regular settings the camera made it look more red than it was originally. The leaves closest to you in the second picture are truly brown, but still reddish. Oh, and all of the dew is gone now too. What you see in the second picture is water from my spray bottle.

I'm wondering what happened... All of my highland Nepenthes (around 30) were fine, all of my sarrs are fine, all of my subtropical dews are fine, all of my tropical dews are fine, all of my pygmies are fine, everything is fine... The water is fine, this plant is in the same water as a bunch of pygmies, sarrs and other dews. I just don't get it.

Days are from 60-80 depending on how sunny it is. Humidity is no less than 50% for an hour a day and it is usually about 70% and 80-90% at night.

The only thing I can think of it that maybe the cold got to it. One night it got to about 28 outside and low 40s in the GH for just a few hours during the night, but the rest of the nights it has been fine.

Does anybody have ANY care information on D. rubrifolia? I've done Google searches but no care guides came up, and what did come up that was minorly helpful had to location of origin for the species or the temperatures that it likes...
http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14593 -Try increasing humidity...

Take a couple red leaves (not the shrivelled ones, the ones that are still living) cut them off, and put them in RO water. This is a regular thing you should do as soon as you get a new Drosera specie. Leaf cuttings will insure you have plants if you fail with the larger ones. That will give you time to find your cultivation errors before the plant dies.

It's also possible that the plant is just adapting to your conditions, and will recover, but considering how it looks right now, I have my doubts.

Next time you buy a plant you have never heard of, ask the grower you bought it from (I think I know who you got it from) what conditions it is growing in. That way you can save yourself some trouble and time.
Best of luck nursing these plants back to health. Please update with pics if it comes back...I'd love to see them.
Hi. Did they survive. If so, what was the trick? I got 2 plants yesterday.
D.rubrifolia behaves as a typical winter growing ZA species for me. It dies completely back to the roots during summer and regrows in fall.
Interesting. Thanks for info. Do you keep them wet while summer dormant?