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D. petiolaris

Hermm Well after reading so many sources for information on the propagation of the D. Petiolaris and gaining knowledge that this species is a toughie to propagate... i wonder how do people propogate the plant in mas quantities to whole sale the plants... through TC techniques? Also, in the wild how does the plant stand chance of carrying on the species as for reading that the plant rarely flowers and when it does the seeds are most interely blanks... So... HOW?

hermm sigh...

Cya laters
In cultivation the common method is to TC the plants. Since these are clones, the genetic makeup is identical: essentially the same plant, and as such is self sterile.

In habitat, plants off set forming clumps, and also within populations there is sufficient genetic variability for seed to be produced.

One of the problems of TC culture is the lessening chance that two plants will be able to cross breed with success. Hopefully TC'ers will seek to clone more than one plant over time.