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d.peltata seeds

i am getting 20 peltata seeds,i was planning to sow half the seeds now because i think the temps and daylight hours would be better to sow in the autumn i was wondering if the other half of the seeds would still be viable next autumn,thanks in advance for any advice,i have not tried tuberous dews before
They should be fine. Tuberous Drosera seeds are among the most durable of all cp seeds. You can give them a nice long hot stratification all summer to get them ready for sowing in autumn. I've found that the peltata complex are the easiest of all tuberous species to germinate. Good luck with them.
thanks for your rapid response,can i just leave the seeds in an envelope in a warm place?and also what do you think about sowing half now ,do you think this will cause problems
Leaving them in an envelope in a warm place has worked for me in the past. I personally wouldn't sow any right now. You might run into problems once it gets warm this summer. Though, since you're in England it may not get hot enough to affect them depending on how warm your summers get.
Yes i was thinking the same about summer temps.i also have read they require a short photoperiod to stop them going dormant.i think i might sow a few seeds as i am not patient and want to see if the seed is good.temps should not exceed 80f do you know the max temps and does the photoperiod really matter
Yes, both maximum temps and photoperiod are very important seasonal keys for this group of plants. I've never had seedlings that sprouted in spring live until the following autumn growing season.
Thanks alot for your advice.nice to know the seeds will stay viable untill next season