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Jan 1, 2002
Southern CA, US
Hi everyone,

I have some extra fresh seeds of D.paradoxa- 100km north of Drysdale River Station, Kimberley for swap. The original seeds came from Lowrie and the plants have all turned out to be pink flowered, although the seeds were sold as mixed white and pink flowered clones. IMO, D.paradoxa is the easiest to grow petiolaris complex Drosera and is quite tolerant of cool night temperatures. I have grown them outdoors with winter night temperatures averaging in the low 50'sF and sometimes down to the mid 40'sF.

I would like to swap for seeds/plants of other petiolaris Drosera or paradoxa from other locations, tuberous Drosera species, or uncommon S.A. Drosera, Mexican pings, or common rooted highland Nepenthes for outdoor growing in CA.

This bad quality photo was taken a couple months ago when the plants were coming out of dormancy(notice the smaller leaves and larger ones):