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D. ascendens? D. regia? D.?


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all the same plant? 1st two are definitely adelae. the 3rd, from this angle appears to have narrow leaves, and an appearance of a south american sundew such as villosa or ascendens.
Looks like adelae.

I'm doing a direct comparison with a true ascendens I had lying around, and mine appears to lack the ridge down the middle of the leaf that yours has.

D. regia does not have a petiole, the leaves are really elongated triangles (somewhat) and the unfurling leaves are not fuzzy.

Nice adelae though. Very well grown!
I've been wondering, how doth one discriminate a villosa from ascends?
@Kirby: rumor on the street is that most ascendens in cultivation are a type of villosa, though that could have been corrected. ascendens is more lanceolate than villosa.
True ascendens has a hairy scape. According to teh herbarium. All the ones in cultivation are not the true form. True population was just rediscovered. The ones in cultivation are currently being renamed.
It's all the same plant.