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Cut Nep growing extensions

I'v cut my 1st nep about a year ago and thought im not 100% sure but i think it started growing more extensions.
i'v cut my 2nd nep just a couple fo weeks ago and just a few days after that it started to grow new extensions from the same spot and just under the place i'v cut.
has anyone seen that happen before? it seems like a sort of strange survival manganism....
When the apical bud or growing tip is removed or damaged the plant will respond by activating dormant nodes. This is common in many many plants.
I would like to try to cut some cuttings off of mine but I am a newbie when is a good time to do this? Before or after the pitchers form? There is a drawing in the Savage Garden book showing how to do it but no mention if I can do it before or after pitchers starts to grow? Thank you