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csu hort club

hey yall
the csu hort club just had it's first meeting tonight and it seems the bank account is all but empty since the majority of the funding got cut. a plant sale was suggested and i said i'd ask around and see if anyone had any seeds or cuttings that could be donated this fall and sold at a spring sale. if anyone can help out, send me a pm and we can work out the details. i cut all the flower spikes off of all my sarrs this spring when i divided them and i didn't do any hybridizing at all this summer, so i can't even help out my own cause. plus my gardens are 2000 miles away. thanks for reading.
should have mentioned, it doesn't necessarily have to be cp seeds
You should contact Jeremiah Harris, he'd probably be willing to help you in your cause. He's also in Colorado Springs so idk how close that is to you but its in colorado so at least its not too far compared to myself (I'm in NC). The NCSU hort club has two plant sales every year. One in the spring and one in the fall. If you contact a ton of local nurseries usually people will donate plants for sale as long as the money is going to the horticulture club at your school Colorado State University right? Here in NC many of the nursery owners are alumni of the horticulture program at NC State and were members of the hort. club so they're usually very cooperative and helpful.
the clubs president is the one going to local greenhouses, since i don't know anyone in the area. jeremiah is a couple hours south, planning a tour there at some point.