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Crazy Binata growth... what to do?

My binata dich giant got reported a few nonths ago and hasn't been doing too well. Not growing much and the stalks dye fast. I havent feeding it much but I have started to more regularly recently. It's in my terrarium. I've seen this new spurt of growth on the edge of the pot for a while and thought it was a seed that terminated. Today however, I took a closer look and found this

Looks like a whole new growth point tried to come out and would up going the wrong way... What do I do about this? Repot it and aim it all upwards? Move the light closer? Thanks.
It looks liek the roots just hit the edge of the media and decided it must be the surface. I bet if you cleared some of the media away, you could just snip it off with with the roots leading to it, and repot it as a new plant!
^^^^ Exactly. It's just new growth stretching to find light. Cut it off with a little root and treat it as a root or leaf cutting.
That's pretty much what I ended up doing... Except it doesn't seem that the growth was attached to the main plant at all. o_O Decided to repot all of it and found that the main rhizome was ready to be split- so I now have two separate binatas. The side cluster was growing from what appeared to be a broken root? Didn't think to take a picture... It was really windy outside and I just wanted to get done and get back inside. Anyway, I tucked it upright back into the pot with some fresh media. They should all hopefully be happier now. :)
It's called a tropism--a plant's response to something. The plant simply is just growing toward the light. Plants have funny abilities to generate completely different plant parts from a certain part, i.e. false vivipary. Of course, that's a mutation, but like everyone else has stated, the root probably just responded to the light by growing leaves.
It'll find it's way. You can tell the leaves are growing upward. I wouldn't mess with it unless you want to treat it as a seperate cutting.
Ah, thanks, that explains it. :) I decided to separate it all back into the same pot cause the main pod wasn't doing too well. I only have one four pointed stalk from it that is about 4" long when just a few months ago it could manage 3-4 at 2-3x the length. Hoping it at least puts up one fresh one from each that I can feed. I went a while without feeding it so hopefully it comes back.
I would repot the plant in totally fresh media. The surface looks like it has a lot of moss, impeding its growth.
Oh, I did use fresh media for it, just washed and reused the pot. Could use a bigger pot if anything but any bigger and it won't fit in my tank. They don't seem to like it outside as much. I think I accidentally started the moss growth some ago, lol. I don't mind moss though, I have it in several pots. I spray with neem every few weeks to keep it from mildewing.

What it looks like now.

BTW: yes, that is a PINK pot that I DIY'd into a pot. :p It was some container initially.
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