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CPs in SoCal/Arizona

I am going to San Diego, LA, and Phoenix in late August (after the conference) and am wondering if there are any cp/cactus/tropical plant nurseries or gardens worth visting in these areas. I would also like to know if there are any good cactus sites worth visiting in the area.
If you're here on the 18th there is always the August LACPS meeting. There are no CP nurseries that I know of. Plenty of cactus and tropicals. Google the various plant societies in the areas.
In San Diego, there's a CP minibog in the botanical building in balboa park, and also in the zoo at ground level where the monkeys are. There used to be a nepenthes vine in one of the snake exhibits but I'm pretty sure it's dead already. As for tropicals stores, nothing too fancy here but there's definitely more stuff up towards Not a Number's turf including even a tilly nursery.