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cp photofindder

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new lap top well exchange with friend for my laptop.
Can some one here remind me how to get the cp photo finder highlighted in the right top search bar please?.:-D
Click on the link found on this page:


thank you nan , but i also want to have it on the search bar all the time, i like having it there to compare my plants , and for identification.
do you know how to get it up there to stay , my search bar has an extra smaller search engine to the top and to the right, you can keep your favorite searches right there all the time.
Im not really sure how to ask what im asking , LOL some one here helped me with it years ago , there was a thread for it i think.

but thanks for the link, this is a great picture site.
Not sure what you mean but once you install the CP Finder add-on to your search bar it should be set to that search and remain set until you change it. You can change your active search bar selection from the drop-down or from the manage search engine panel. And you should be able to highlight text right click and from the context menu "Search on xxxxx" - whatever search engine your search bar is assigned to at the moment. If you add Fire Gestures you can highlight the text, left click and gesture the mouse left and down and you get a context menu of all your search engines choices so you can pick one on the fly. This is a native feature in the Opera browser from the right click context menu. I don't know why FireFox hasn't stolen it yet. Just about every cool feature in FireFox came from Opera.

From the page I linked:
Want to search our database directly from your Firefox browser?
Try this Firefox add-on:
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