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Couple new pics of my D. graminifolia seedlings, and adult D. spiralis


Sarracenia freak
D. graminfolia - Botumirin, Brazil. These seedlings are doing great and getting big... A little over a year old now. I give em a mist of Maxsea every couple of weeks. Pretty sure they are true graminifolia, their leaves unfurl in perfect spirals. Not oblong spirals of the D. spiralis.

Adult D. spiralis i've had for a year or so. You'd think it'd need repotted but I fear disturbing it because its been doing so well. Leaves typically unfurl in a very oblong way, bad example in these current pics.

Gorgeous dews Brie!
Looking good, Brie. I haven't tried propagating this one (two) yet. Any pointers you might offer?
Looking good, Brie. I haven't tried propagating this one (two) yet. Any pointers you might offer?

Well, thus far both have done fairly well for me. After initial germination on the seeds and repotting into a larger pot, I havent lost a single one. My conditions dont seem like they'd be optimal for them, but they've done pretty good for me. I just keep them in a covered tray on my grow rack with everything else. They seem to appreciate the high humidity, and is probably the only reason they've survived my higher temps. Now that summer is over though i'm sure they'll put on a bit of a growth spurt with the cooler temps, where they're happiest. Media wise, just using peat/perlite... As for the bigger spiralis, i've only had it since last summer, after buying it from "that nursery in your neck of the woods". I never did repot it, but probably will soon.