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corky's first attempt at roridula

so i got 5 roridula.dentata seeds and i sowed them on a mix of 2/1 perlite and peat ,no special treatments and i did not cover the seeds to increase humidity,as i thought covering the seeds would also increase the chance of fungus,so far three out of five seeds are showing signs of life
if you look close you can see one of the seeds germinating,really wanted to give these plants a try after following DVG's thread roridula rising,this could be the shortest thread ever i know ,but just maybe i will be able to grow at least one to a decent size
seeds usaully germinate 80+% for me but then 2/3rds of them die cuz there weak plants ..... good luck
you almost definatly will get 1or 2 really healthy plants mabe 3
thanks,did you grow dentata,these seeds took about 5 weeks to sprout,forgot to mention that i sowed them on 27 december,did you try to fertilize your plants bical ,any tips or pics are more than welcome
Dear corky,
my seeds sproted in 3.5 weeks so you did a very good job growing them, most ppls take up to 6 months and yes mine were dentata no i did not fertalize them because roridula are very sensative to things like that when there young
also becareful not to get the leaves wet at all it kills the plant if it happens more than once or twice i lost some seedlings from that ( atleast they were weaker) wait to fertalize them till there at least 5 inches tall
now mine are about 3-4 inches tall but growing like heck
repot them individually on 1-1 peat and sand only once there 4 inches tall or they almost certainly will die and no later or thell die
and once there 5 inches only use 20-0-20 fertalizer ( its almost impossible to get anymore so mix a few fertalizers like 20-0-5 and 0-0-15 or something like that but make sure its equal to 20-0-20 if the middle number is 1 or above it will kill the plants if the 2 20s are above 20 or a lot bellow 20 like 15 or so the plants will also die)
fertalize monthly and only one tiny drop per 10 leaves on a plant so 2 drops if it has 20 leaves or so untill its over 10 inches tall. then you can give them a tiny spray with the fertilizer (only enogh that would equal 5 small drops )
once there over ten inches put them in an arbor or a trelace so they can climb up it if they wish once there over 3 years they will flower but will NOT self pollonate you must use a paintbrush but you can pollonate them to themseves but for a stronger seed set cross pollonate them with another roridula
do not let there soil get to wet it should always have water but be relativley dry to they touch if their to wet thell die and in the summer you must water them daily with just a few drops of ro water NO tray system they can not digest food so do not give them bugs but do not take off bugs that have gotten stuck, they like pretty much light and if grown right will become your new favorite plant
if you have more questions just ask me here or pm me
good luck growing your roridula
-N. bical
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wow n.bical thank you so much for taking the time to point me in the correct direction,i hope i can grow these large enough to need some more advice
you welcome
i learned from the master named Matt Opel
if you ever have an enmergency and im not on tf to answer you look on icps cultivation on roridula it by Matt Opel hes the best roridula grower in the US
aaaaarghh they died
how did they die what color were they are they flopping over or broken over
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just withered do not know why,gutted
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when they wither it means there leaves where exposed to to much water and there roots not enough. mine like their soil completely dry though
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i still have one just about alive and two seeds that did not germinate,need a fingers crossed emoticon
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I have to try this specie this year. But seeds look like hard to raise, so i think i will buy a adult plant as my first !