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Cork Bark for trade

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Seems to be a lot going on lately with orchids and fancy utrics. Thought maybe some of you could put this stuff to use.. since these are just laying around collecting dust.
Not too worried about the offers, as long as it's reasonable.


Hmmm that log looking one would look good with a NEP and live LFS growing out of it. What are you interested in??
I see T hideys!

Same question. :D

AS if I have anything Master Mass wants. :lol: I got most of my stuff from him!
These were indeed used for 10 years as arboreal tarantula hides.

I'm only looking for carnivorous plants in exchange. These things weigh a ton, so they're going to be a pain to ship.
Why not shoot me some offers, and we can all work something out. I have enough to go around.

I AM however.. looking for a nice N. miranda.
Sundews I don't have.
cool stuff in general. cp related.
I can see if my Miranda has a rooted basal.
Ha ha everyone has a Miranda to offer lol