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Conserving Sarracenia and other CP's on Fort Jackson

Hi everyone!

It was brought to my attention on another forum that here on Fort Jackson, South Carolina that sarr's and other CP's grow locally around some of the ponds and lakes out in the training areas but they are being choked out by other local and non-local invasive species. I just got done speaking with the Garrison Commander in charge of Ft Jackson and he is putting me in touch with the person in charge of the environmental office here on Ft. Jackson to establish a volunteer effort to identify and hopefully help establish a more suitable environment for them so that they can recover and be more prolific. I've done a little research to find out that they are a threatened species and protected by South Carolina laws and legislation concerning threatened species. I'll keep updating this as I get more information and have talked with the Environmental Office but hopefully we can get them back on the road to recovery!