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Colorado Sarracenia seed give away

Time to pay it forward to the community. It looks like I went a bit crazy buying Sarracenia seeds off Ebay and would like to share some with other growers in Colorado (if I don't have enough Colorado takers I will open it up to anyone in the US for SASE). I have packets of the following containing ~25 seeds each: Mad Green Thing X self, Cyclopse X Edjoman Japanese Hybrid, Courtii northern x Rubra Alabam. x Candy Stripe, (Readii x Mitchelliana) x Adrian Slack, Umlauftania x Leahs child. Please don't be greedy and ask for all of the packets or most of them. The only thing I ask is that once you grow them up, you send me a plant if a few years. So if you are interested in a packet let me know. I should be getting the packets in about a week and will then get them to people who requested them, so please be patient. Thanks!


Up periscope x Leah Wilkerson, (Flava x purpurea) x UK clone
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Very generous giveaway.
Hey, good timing on my part...

I'm definitely interested, happy to work out some trading as well, I'm most interested in (Readii x Mitchelliana) x Adrian Slack and Umlauftania x Leahs child. Maybe I can split the packets with someone?

If we have another meeting we could swap then...
The meeting swap was what I was hoping for also. The seedlings I got from you are doing good, even after the one night frost.
If we did a split, those were the two packets I was most interested in as well. I've been wanting an umlauftiana or something similar for a long time....
Otherwise, I would be greatly interested in the Mad Green thing or the courtii northern hybrids, either one.... I'd probably work best with sending a SASE for them.
If there are any left after the Colorado folks get theirs let me know. I do not have any of those that you listed. Thanks and what a great give away.
If any extras after that I would like some as well. Thanks!
that cyclops cross sounds most curious
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All these seed packets have gone to Colorado growers. Thank you everyone for the interest.