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Just discovered this thread. Awesome stuff! Now I've gotta find me some prints like those.
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If you're looking for antique botanical prints, you should check out Brimfield http://www.brimfieldshow.com/ . There are TONS of vendors there and many of them have old prints for very cheap. I picked up the majority of mine there over the years for only a few dollars each. It's already over for May but, there's still July and September.
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More new additions...........

A woodpecker.

Haw Finch

Chrysiridia rhipheus - A diurnal moth from Madagascar.

Some Butterflies

Bobcat Skull

I went to a rock and fossil show in Springfield Massachusetts this weekend. Here are my scores.........

Copper Ore

Oreodont Skull

Agatized Coral, Halved

Clam Shell with Calcite

Cool Piece of Chalcedony

Sea Shells with Calcite


Tracks of an Early Crocodilian

Atreipus Track from NJ
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Awesome stuff! The tracks are very neat.
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sweet! I actually just got some new insect specimens for mounting today. Morpho menelaus, and Nephila pilipes. I'll have to share once they are done.
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Cool additions Johnny, those butterflies and tracks are sweet.
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How could I have forgotten about this one ?!?!?! One of my rarest pieces......Rana basaltica, a prehistoric frog from Asia.
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Nice find on the frog!
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Time for a few updates of my own.

Framed beetle by Jerabudragoness, on Flickr
I actually started making stuff like this to amuse myself.

Nephila pilipes specimen by Jerabudragoness, on Flickr
Acquired a pair of these for future projects.
Jungle carpet Python tooth by Jerabudragoness, on Flickr
This one was pulled out of my scalp several hours after the jungle carpet Python who originally owned it bit the back of my head.

Chelydra serpentina skull by Jerabudragoness, on Flickr
Cleaned this one myself.

Carcharadon megalodon tooth by Jerabudragoness, on Flickr
Megalodon tooth.