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I mentioned o getting one of these several months ago and finally added the ac converter and tried it out. It produced a low of 40 degrees F and ambient temperature seems to have no effect and no icing up. The inside temp can be manipulated by opening the lid at varying degrees. I'm not sure if 40 might be a little low for the Nepenthes muluensis x lowii, Nepenthes gymnamphora, Nepenthes densiflora and Nepenthes diatas. The hamata's, macrophylla, villosa, inermis x talangensis are being overnighted in the new Magic Chef Mcwc6b Wine Cooler mentioned in the other message string. To preempt the reminder that this is fine but what about when these plants out grow these small coolers I am setting my sights on the larger termo-electric coolers used in stores to sell soda pop by the bottle and then later if I haven't lost interest in the hobby the wall units like in the back of the mini-marts. Keep in mind that I have made a choice to move these plants back and forth from the green room racks in the day to the cold units at night. I tested this all winter by moving these plants from the racks to a cold room inside an aquarium with wet sphagnum in the bottom and cover over the top and had good results. Not pretty but it works.




You put plants in this?