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Mine are individually potted in a 10 gallon aquarium.

I stare alot from overhead at them in which I would imagine contributes copious volumes of co2, along with bad breath.
co2 is heavier than oxygen; that's why you don't want to accidentally 'huff' dry ice.  It settles in your lungs and you lose capacity.  Dangerous stuff.  

Dry ice is pure c02,

I would say that commercial or serious green house owners could use co2 with success.  If you don't, your competitors will.

Most people here baby their VFT'S so I'm sure they are getting plenty of light and food, so the only 'bottleneck' WOULD BE THE CO2, to keep them from exploding in growth.

By the way,  Mount St. Helens spewed more Green House Gasses, including co2 than mankind could in a 100 years and Scientists , bracing for the worst, saw no ill affects; but you won't read that in the headlines.

Scientists don't get rich off of 'good' news.

Create fear (or guilt) and you will have more grant money than you know what to do with.

Too much 'junk' science.

I'm going to fart whenever I want to ! !  
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Goldslinger-saw no ill affects

Uh sorry but I have to disagree on that most of the usa is getting lack of rain and burning up in flams my state is in a very bad spot we had the worst fires in Arizona state histroy were not getting any rain
parts of the rain forest places that never use to burn in the past are allso burning up .The weather is getting bad .

I do agree co2 can make plants greener but I dont want to see more of it in the enviroment as plants will not get greener but burn up in flams.

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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (west871 @ Oct. 24 2002,11:31)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I made my own co2 maker and its really working the sundews in my tank are growing about 30% faster then the sundews in my green house. Here's how I made it .
One 2L soda pop jug filled with 6 cups of cool water.
Then I put 3/4 a cup of sugar in with 1 tbsp of yeast .
I made a hole in the lid of the jug and hooked up a tub to it and hot glued it in place . I run the tub into a small 7 oz pond I have in my tank. Only 2 hrs later CO2 started bubbling up .
So on top of the more damp air that it makes the co2 speeds up the plant growth .

It looks neat 2

_-West-_[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
My CO2 maker just ran out of co2 . Dose anyone know what I did wrong . I hear they should last 2-3 times as long as mine. Maybe I should have used more sugar ?

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and 30,000 years ago 2/3 of the U.S.A. was covered in ice.
What is that blamed on. In the 1930's the Midwest suffered from the worst drought in recorded history. The only thing that doesn't change on earth is 'change'. Nothing has EVER been stable. The Sahara used to be lush and green, and turned into a Desert long before we had factories, cars, etc. etc.

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I found out why my yeast co2 maker ran out of co2 . The more yeast you add the more co2 you will get in a shorter time. If I wanted to make the co2 maker last longer I would need to use less yeast but the tank would have less co2 in it then it dose now.

By the way WOW THERE growing really FAST . This co2 stuff really works

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I had an interesting idea for those of us with small terrariums. Use a small freezer and set the temp to 1 degree above the freezing point of dry ice. Run a small hose from the freezer to the terrarium. This should allow for a small steady flow, and won't have to be refilled very often.

Well, comments??

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Joseph,  The first snag your going to hit is finding a freezer that will cool down to a temperature of -109.3°F (-78.5°C). That's the surface temperature of dry ice.  Here's more info on dry ice: How stuff works
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What's your setup for CO2... (i.e. yeast to sugar ratio and dispersion method)? Just interested...
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I am now useing more sugar then before I find it works better.

So 1 and a half cups of sugar  In a 2L pop jug

With about 5 cups of cool to warm water .( Dont use HOT water it will kill the yeast)

And 1 tbsp of yeast .

After you put it all into the 2L pop jug shake it .

The mix Dose allot better if you keep it warm(Not hot) so I have it sitting on top of my shop lights .

The whole thing is working great the sundews are really growing fast.The bubbling is now more then ever in my 7 oz pond now that I keep it warm.

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Hey I was just looking at the gallery at this site and they use CO2 to grow there CPs as well .

Any one who has not seen the Gallery should check it out there some kool looking pictures there .They have a picture of a HUGH GREEN house with cps as far as the eye can see.

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west, Petflytrap no longer injects with CO2, infact, they sold the reactor on the forums a few months ago...

But I inject it in my terrarium, I am currently out... I have a 20 lbs bottle with an aquarium quality regulator on it...
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Really ...They never up dated the pictures then. Did they say why they sold it ? ? ?

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I don't remember. But htey were 'injecting' a pretty large grow area, and it has only gotten bigger, it may have just gotten impossible to do with any real effectiveness.