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Hi there
I just read an article in Spacers website on how to basically create CO2. Great idea Spacer! But I was wondering what exactly are the benefits of using CO2 for plants, can all plants can can be treated with it and if there is a certain amount to use. Oh and you all should read the article it if you haven't and are interested in Co2!
I can't find it on your site spacer. I am interested in the article as it is very benifical to CP's and makes them grow faster and healthier.
my favorite way to make C02 is with a cute blonde at a drive-in movie...
really though.....
hmmm... I don't remember posting anything brilliant about C02 but it's entirely possible, I forget things;)

maybe it was on one of my many links, I think on the forum there is a link to CPZINE where there is an article about a crude C02 setup.

I only grow neps and pings and sundews inside in terariums, and using C02 seems like a bad idea to me anyway, my indoor plants thrive on still stagnant air. if I were going to try it I would probably kick down for one of the high tech tank and dispenser thingys from the hydroponics shop in Eugene.

thanks for visiting though! I am working on some new features, yeah I always say that... *soon* ;)
Hey Unknownclown

The plants 'breathe' in CO2. That is why it would be good for them if you can add more to their air supply. ( Their by-product is Oxygen ). Giving them more will allow them to produce more for the plant, and in turn grow quicker.

I have a ( I can't remember the weight/pound ) CO2 tank that runs off and on 24 hours a day.

After a couple of weeks of having it on, I saw an incredible difference with the plants.
I also have a Co2 injection system, though I have not used it yet... I used to use it on my aquatic plants... maybe I will experiment with it soon...

little known fact... at NIGHT, plants respirate oxygen rather than CO2, though very little of it, so injecting Co2 when the lights are off, other than to maintain a balance, is worthless, though harmless (unless your in an aquatic environment, then the plants rapidly strip the oxygen from the tank, build up CO2, and drop the acidity level so fast your fish will be breathing from the surface of the water the next morning!
exactly how do you use the ultimate CO2 machine?
Well I will be looking into a system like that, as I would like to have nice more heathly plants. Not that I don't already!
But how much is a setup like that? Expensive?

the problem with CO2 is, how to keep it around your plants, not filling your own sleeping room.
You will nee a sealed terrarium and than the stagnant air will do more harm to the plants than the additional C02 will benefit them...

Ok, CO2 is "heavier" than air (~ 78% N2; 21% O2, 1% Ar) so it will stay for some time in a terrarium, but must of it will be lost.

I tried it one time with Aldrovanda because everybody sayed thats such a difficult plant which needs this and that and those...
But I stopped after 2 months and there was absolutly no difference.

Give your plants enough light, this is much more usefull !

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From what I understand CO2 enrichment is only supposed to work for plants who's growth is being limited by lack of access to it. Non aquatic plants, having access to the atmosphere, are generally not limited by access to CO2 but by access to minerals and usable nitrogen, aquatic plants on the other hand have much more limited access to CO2 and will benifit more from enrichment although the aquatic CPs, living in water that contains a high amount of organic material, might get all the CO2 they need from decomposition of this material. My 2 cents worth.
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I read once about someone who has a bin of compost which produces CO2. He has a fan so that he can blow the warm CO2 into his greenhouse...
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By goly it works! I just set it up in my main terrarium and it is working wonderfully! I am pleased with the system! Anyone who wants to try it do so! It is fizzing none stop! I am going to leave it on non stop. I used 2 9 oz. Plastic cups and proped one up on an upside down pot so it is above the baking soda filled cup. But anyone try it as it works!
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I made my own co2 maker and its really working the sundews in my tank are growing about 30% faster then the sundews in my green house. Here's how I made it .
One 2L soda pop jug filled with 6 cups of cool water.
Then I put 3/4 a cup of sugar in with 1 tbsp of yeast .
I made a hole in the lid of the jug and hooked up a tub to it and hot glued it in place . I run the tub into a small 7 oz pond I have in my tank. Only 2 hrs later CO2 started bubbling up .
So on top of the more damp air that it makes the co2 speeds up the plant growth .

It looks neat 2

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Isn't C02 heavier than air? I remember when i was little my dad's friend, who is a chem teacher mixed a bit of vinager and backing powder, and it fizzled....... he then 'poured' the C02 onto a burning match, and it went out... That would demonstrate that its heavier than air, wouldn't it? The fact that it 'pours'...? That would make me think the gas would just sit on the surface of the backing soda, in the cup... Something would have to stir it up, like air currents, wouldn't it? I'm probably wrong, but I would like to know how it DOES work...
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Parasuco Posted on Oct. 24 2002,8:O4
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">.....That would make me think the gas would just sit on the surface of the backing soda, in the cup... Something would have to stir it up, like air currents, wouldn't it?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

As the CO2 is formed it displaces the air in the container forcing it out the tube.  A good demonstration of this would be to pour vingar and baking soda into a pop bottle, then slip a balloon over the mouth of the pop bottle, forming a tight seal.  As the vinegar and baking soda react and release CO2, the balloon will begin to fill with displaced air and CO2.

The yeast system does the same thing, but at a slower rate.
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Ok, thank you... Hehehehe...
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Last year on pbs I was watching about co2 yes is heavier then air it can even be seen as like a fog covering the ground in the morn were co2 is coming out of the earth. On pbs they were showing all the dead things that the co2 killed and there was a big lizzard that went to go eat one of them dead bodys that were killed by the co2 once he went down into the co2 he started to become very weak but right before he passed out he made it to the top of a hill and got fresh air and lived .The whole spot were the co2 was coming out of the earth was very lush and green and all around the lush green was nothing but a dryed up Desert.

That was the first time I found out more co2 = better,Faster growing , more green plants.

Last year I tryed co2 in my green house useing yeast all the plants that were right near it grew alot nicer then the plants on the other side of the gh. If anyone thinks that more co2 wont help.l I would say it try it and see for your self .If you dont want to use yeast try DRY ICE as it melts it give off lots of co2.

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Anyone ever try just openning a soda can and leaving it in the terrarium until the soda goes flat?
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oh, oh, oh.... I have a question too...

If your using the vinegar/baking soda method, how do you ensure that all the plants are getting equal amounts of CO2? The only way, I can think of is creating enough CO2 to flood the entire terrarium to displace the oxygen...

Hmmm how much vinegar and baking soda is that?....

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Unfortunetly, their are side effects to doing such things. CO2 can kill some plants and generally has only been successfull in extreamly controled environments. Ever heard of CO2 burn? Personally, I think the idea of adding something we already add to much of to our enviornment every day is a bad idea, besides, it's useless without upping the CP's food intake and sunlight at the same time.