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Chlorosis on my schizophrenic moranensis "Fraser's Beaut"?

I've had quite a few moranensis develop really pale green leaves and not sure exactly why.

Quick back story, the original plant suffered a small amount of crown damage and decided to develop schizophrenia (early November).

In the beginning stages of this I thought some the leaves had become slightly disconnected and the plants were growing from them instead of the crown. Upon pulling one off, it was quite obvious the plantlets were all connected to the crown. The three smaller plants developed on this first leaf pulling and can be seen in the square pot. The other five were divided from the splitting crown with one in the square pot and 4 in the round pot.

Both had been receiving roughly similar light levels about 14" below a 4x48 T5HO 6500K top, and 5-7" away from a 100w 2700K CFL in the front and a 2700k single T8 on the back. Watering was also kept fairly similar but the round pot (the better looking one) has a sphagnum bottom with a small tray underneath it whereas the square is just the media and no tray. Humidity levels average around 65-70% during the day and 85% at night. Temps are a bit warm at the moment reaching between 88-90F during the day and 68-70F at night (I have been building a cooling system for the terrarium but not finished). As for the medium both are fairly similar containing 2 perlite: 2 vermiculite: 1 lave rock: 1 horticulture sand: and maybe 8-10 1" pieces of LFS for a little water retention.

About 3 days ago I moved the circle pot up closer to the 6500K lights to a distance of 6" but it's too soon for that to make a difference. Although when I did do that I noticed one of the plants has another growing underneath it and that one is another order of magnitude greener than the main plant. This makes me think my light levels might be too high at the moment but hell these things do grow in the mountains of Mexico so I doubt I have that many lumens.

In the same tank I have a cyclocecta that's loving the raised 6" position, a lautner that just started flowering, an emarginata that seems to constantly flower, a primulaflora that has easily developed three new plants, and a jaumavensis that seems just as happy as the rest. Any ideas why the moranensis has been so finicky?
I would suggest spray-feeding them. All your media ingredients are basically inert and devoid of any kind of food whatsoever. P. moranensis is a fairly large Ping--I would not call it a "heavy feeder," but keep in mind it usually supports a lot more foliage than a lot of other species. Chlorosis, if you can establish that it isn't high light or overwatering/rot/root loss, can often be traced back to nutrition. Particularly if you have a plant that has remained the exact same size for quite awhile but otherwise seems healthy, it's usually one of the signs to look for to establish whether or not a plant needs feeding.

If you feed them and they green up, then your problem's solved. Conversely, if you feed them and they don't green up or grow, then it's most likely that your temperatures/lighting are too high.

As for a rate, I'd say 1/4 tsp per gallon of something like Peter's 20-10-20 once weekly should do the trick. You can go up to 1/2 tsp if you notice it working really well. Also, could you post a pic of the others so we can see how green they look?
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Hey theplantman, thanks for the advice. I was a bit scared putting fertilizer on the plantlets due to their size. I had a couple die on me near the very beginning of my cultivation endeavors using maxsea. In hindsight I think I just over sprayed them at the time.

I had purchased some freeze dried blood worms shortly after I posted this, ground them into a quasi - powder, and sprinkled them on most plants. I also sprayed some of the other plants with maxsea so there was bound to be some over spray that reached the pings. It has been about 2 weeks now and there is significant greening and growth. I took some more pictures of everything I can post a bit later (posting from my phone) and you can see the difference. The ones in the square pot are actually visible in the photos as opposed to being washed out by the light of the nearby terrarium.

I think I have decided to start using a small amount of peat in my mixes. I noticed in my cyclocecta pot that the peat has established a decent springtail population. Once the plants reach a larger size they seem to easily get caught. Nothing beats a pot that holds the plant and feeds it!