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Chatbox updated... please look here if you use it and or are having issues.


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Hello all!

Over the past weekend I updated the chatbox and I still see questions and comments here and there about issues. Please make sure to either hard refresh by holding CTRL and SHIFT and pressing R or by clearing your cache. This will force the new chatbox files to download so things look right and run correctly. If you have tried that and it is still not working, please try it again. :p If you still have issues, please let me know. If this solves your issue, feel free to post that too (that will help this topic stay up so others see it for a while...)
have done that and there are odd little things . dropped chat text. it is entered and it vanishes. then the chat box just hangs. But it is working much better from the work network so dunno what is happening.
I cleared the server's cache and rebuilt/optimized all the database tables. See if that helps.
I only have one thing to say: :hug: !