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For some time I have been watching an eBay seller offering Ceph's that apparently lost the ID tags and might be one of the giant varieties. He might be right because the one I bought from his website as a typical variety is a fairly small plant and producing some pitchers approaching 1.5". I listed pictures here a couple of weeks ago and gave credit to the diluted orchid fertilizer for the amazing size but can't blow off the possibility that I have one of the big boys. Two more big ones came on after my picture post and there a big fist looking one reaching for open ground. I just took a measurement of the biggest one and it measures 1 1/4" to the top of the peristome and 1 7/8" from bottom to the top of the lid. I'm not crowing about having anything spectacular but if this is just a standard variety it's not too shabby. Are there any visual characteristics that can be used to define the variety?