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Cephalotus tank build progress

Cephalotus Projects - Tanks & Planters!

Ten Gallon Tank Build:
Last June I started a 10 gallon ceph tank, all from cuttings, pullings, or divisions. All survived and the surface now has a nice covering of moss.

Media consists of 1:1:1 peat : perlite : sand

Here are some progress pics.

Mother plant:


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Very cool, it looks like they all filled out nicely. Have you considered adding the other Australian carnivorous plants found growing alongside cephalotus?
Thanks and I have actually. I'm building an even bigger tank soon for the home display that will have different labeled forms and other native plants. This current 10gal display was built to take yearly as show and tell for my wife's kindergarten class :)
I like your scaping, especially that little water area there. Do you have a drainage layer on the bottom or is it the same media straight through?
There's a drainage layer. Just pvc, diffuser grid, and weed cloth :)

I still have to fill in the "pond" area with sand. Will need to weed out the ferns growing there first.
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Good to know, thanks. Would love to see how it develops over time.
Might have to give this a try. I have a few tanks kicking about. Love it looks great
I don't have any first-hand experience with cephs (yet), but that looks like great growth over a 6-month period! I also really like the "terrain" effect. Nicely done!
The original plant was a 2" division that was sold as a typical. In its first year of growth, it had poured out of its pot. Last June I moved the mother plant to a 6" pot and took the divisions and cuttings for the tank. It was a full transplant into new media and she didn't suffer any slowdown and has since doubled in size. I don't know what's up with this particular plant, but it's been a blast to grow.

Few months after it first came

Day after transplant

The cuttings for the tank
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What are you lighting this tank with and does it have any ventilation?

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It's open tank and lighted by 2x T8 daylights. Will be upping to 4x T8 daylights soon, I have a ton of them haha. I most semi daily or when the moss tips dry out a bit. I water the crowns overhead as well weekly.
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Taken today, some really nice growth starting to come in. This is in a cold garage. Moving them indoors soon.


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Took the tank (wow it's a heavy one) to my wife's kindergarten class last Thursday for their plant unit. They loved it!


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That's awfully brave of you to lug a full tank around. Must weigh a ton. That little sandy area looks interesting. What are your plans for it?
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Originally I built the tank for this purpose so I always knew it would be a little weighty haha. What I didn't expect was how fast all the moss grew from the peat and basically cemented the landscape together! So awesome! The sandy area is mostly for show, no plans yet.
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That looks incredible. IMO..All you need is to up your lighting as you said to 2 more T8s and I think with a bit more red in them, they will look spectacular. :)
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Thanks! Yeah, sometime this weekend I'm moving them inside to the rack with 6x T8 Daylights. Hopefully that'll bring out more color fast. I know from the mother plant, they'll take on a deep purple/black shade.
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Update! Hooked up some 6500k LEDs, nothing fancy, just T8 conversions. Have been adjusting them for two weeks under 4x tubes, will add the last two next week. They're already coloring up nicely.

From a week ago, need more up to date pics!
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Nice setup. I thought it looked bigger than 10 gallons when I first saw it.
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Thanks! Originally I wanted to do a rimless cube display, but couldn't afford the tank LOL. The ten is a nice size, though. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out. Might eventually do a cube with 'Big Boy's!

It does seem like I need to divide the mother pot again and take a bunch of leaf cuttings off these guys in the tank.
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