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Cephalotus leaf pull Treatment

Are Cephalotus leaf pulls treated with anything prier to inserting them in you favorite media? Rootone, GA3, Superthrive etc.. Any tips on the best way to do this. I have some leaf pulls comming.

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i am quite successful ,all i do is place the leaves normal side up in wet sphagnum and put on a clear cover to keep humidity high and let the light in,seem to do well in good light,no fancy stuff at all
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I have never treated Cephalotus pullings with anything, I just stick the bottom end in one of my live Sphagnum cultures and ignore it for a few months. 90% of them result in viable plants, without any fuss.
Untreated leaves and pitchers I place around the side of a plastic pot of live sphagnum. Rooting of both types is very high.
Well, I've only tried one cutting and since it was a flower stalk from an HG, I gave myself better odds by dipping it in a rooting solution. Been nearly a month and still alive but no roots yet. I don't know if I really did it properly though. I just stuck it into some loose LFS and perlite and didnt cover it since my terrarium humidity stays well over 50%.