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cephalotus leaf cuttings/pullings

So I have a young cephalotus that has a lot of leaves and has started putting on pitchers again. I would like to try cutting a couple leaves and setting them up to attempt growing more plants. Is there anything that I should do before and after to the leaves and main plant to make sure that I don't do more damage then good with this attempt. I look forward to reading anyones responces on this topic.
First of all, don't cut the leaves. Pull them so you get some of the white part at the petiole base from the rhizome. Technically, I should say 'push' the leaves. It sounds wierd, but I find that the leaf detaches more easily if you use a pencil eraser or something similar to push down on the base of the petiole until it detaches(don't use the sharp end of a pencil, for obvious reasons). I then stick the base of the petiole into pure live sphagnum, so that the end is maybe half a cm below the surface. Keep them quite wet (but not waterlogged) and bagged for high humidity under florescent lights. I have had success without using a rooting powder, though it may help.