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Cephalotus from leaf cuttings

Hi all
I have a cephalotus that has tons of non carnivorous leaves. i was thinking of doing leaf cuttings and neve did this with them.
If any one has experience in this, i would love to hear from you or gane any wisdom from all.

Hi Jim,

It is not too hard. You need to take the leaf away from the centre of the rosette, ideally right at the point where it joins.

The end of the petiole (stalk) is buried in your normal Ceph compost (or long fibre spagnum or pure perlite etc etc depending on who you listen to) to a depth of say 1/4" and leave the blade of the leaf flat on the surface.

Cover it or put it in a humid terrarium... and wait.
... after a while, wait some more!

It can take a month or more for small roots to form and then eventually a small plantlet.

Don't let the fact that the leaf starts to go yellow put you off. They can really die back before you see the plantlet or it may stay fully green!

It is mostly a matter of waiting ;-)

Question, I'm in the waiting stage using the method above. If the leaf starts to go mostly brown is there still a chance?
Hi Greg,

There certainly can be. The roots and leaves form at the tip of the petiole and the leaves usually die back from the other end.

Of the ones that start to go yellow and then brown, some die and don't grow, others grow at the last minute.

As long as you have some of the white part of the original plant, even if the leaf goes brown...u should see some sort of growth like this.