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Caught lightning in a bottle

  • Thread starter Peatmoss
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I got it, was so happy when I took this....

Very nice! I've never tried photographing lighting before... I would presume its rather difficult.
wow that is an incredible photo! Great job
Well, getting smited by a giant bolt of electric discharge from the sky was a bit worrying, but taking the photo was just a small aperture and a bulb shutter speed, had to start the exposure, then wait for lightning to strike.

Thanks Luca and pinehapple!
Your photography is superb :)

Why thank you king zuzunums...
Great shot..
fire in the sky.
Ever see that movie? Aliens take Travis way way far away.
Great photo Peatmoss!
Thanks Drew and Travis!
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Warez Tom Cruise and da Tripods?
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Whaaa? Is everyone talking like amph now?

By what do you mean?
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Wow amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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I love the color of the sky and how nice and crisp the lightning looks!