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Catopsis: A bit of fluff

A package of Catopsis berteroniana seed, that recently arrived from one of the Czech Republic CP vendors.


The seeds, which are dispersed by the wind, have a long tail of fuzz attached to them...


...a tail, that was quickly scorched away, once they were set ablaze with a match.:0o:

The seeds were then immediately sown.:cool:

Do they need smoke to germinate like some other CPs? Or was it just the easy way of getting rid of the fuzz :p
Do they need smoke to germinate like some other CPs? Or was it just the easy way of getting rid of the fuzz :p

I don't think they need a smoke treatment in order to germinate, but i guess they've had one now.:jester:

Yeah, i'd heard that a match will quickly remove most of the fuzz...and that it does! :D

A few of these Catopsis berteroniana seeds have germinated, and some of them are starting to show their second leaves.




When they have grown out a bit more, i will try and do some updates on their progress, if anyone is interested.

Those are some very ugly seedlings! :0o:

They look like little slimeball aliens...

What is your germination medium?
Errrr...thanks Peatmoss...i think? ;)

I actually thought that the Drosophyllum squiddies were more alien looking, but maybe the Catopsis seedlings just haven't grown out of their ugly duckling stage yet...


The media is silica sand with a bit of peat moss thrown in for good measure.

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I have never seen a bromeliad seedling before. This will be interesting to watch
Thanks, I want to try Catopsis from seed so this will be helpful. Were the seeds from BCP or the other one?

Drosophyllum seedlings are cute, Catopsis look odd. A bit like algae growth.
Peatmoss, i believe the Catopsis seeds came from BCP.

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