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Carnivorous Plants PLUS Nanoscience!! :D


So, I discovered this very cool, simple but informative nanoscience video -- that has CARNIVOROUS PLANTS in it!!! Specifically Nepenthes.
Obviously, my first thought was to post it here! :)

I plan to work in nanoscience in the future, so this was very exciting to me, to see a combination of CP's and nano in one hit! I entered a scholarship to help pay for my tertiary education and for my application I've been collecting nanoscience videos and information to put on my Facebook, scholarship application page. (Which coincidentally, you can find here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Katherine-Murray/173520416117350?ref=hl) I've found some interesting ones, but this one was just too good to pass up the opportunity of showing everyone!!! I mean, it has CP's in it, and it also has a blue butterfly that gets turned green 0_0.

If you'd specifically like to see the carnivorous plants, they're at 7:04 onwards. :)
Kool Whip! What caught my attention is that I work for a pharmaceutical manufacture, Chemistry department. We have a Nanotechnology lab for making cancer drugs.
Very cool! I spent my whole time trying to convert from Imperial units to metric though...;) Some day, I will understand metric!
Haha, yeah. Metric, imperial. Metric's pretty easy as a system, but it correlates so badly to every other system!!! :p

jimscott, that's really interesting! Do you know anymore about what sort of stuff they're doing, etc.? The sort of nanoscience I want to get into is the sort that has a human health benefit or will make life easier for people with health problems, as opposed to just making cool stuff for novelty/commercial use (though I'm not faulting those guys, because they make some pretty awesome stuff) and cancer nanotech sounds pretty interesting :)
Thanks!!! I'll go read it :D
LOL! They let me play with chemicals and I get to take home the expired / non-testing purified water, for my plants.