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Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia
Talk by Christian Dietz and Claus-Juergen Lenz

Join Meadowview Biological Research Station for a talk by Christian Dietz and Claus-Juergen Lenz about their trip to Western Australia in 2011. They will lecture about the carnivorous plants they observed including tuberous and pygmy Drosera (Drosera tubaestylis, D. zonaria, D. stolonifera, D. pulchella, D. scorpioides, D. gigantea), Utricularia (Utricularia menziesii, U. inaequalis, U. multifida, and U. tenella), and Cephalotus. They will also show some pictures of the amazing landscapes, animals, and other plants.

The talk will be held at the headquarters of Meadowview Biological Research Station at 8390 Fredericksburg Tnpk. Woodford, VA 22580 at 3:00 P.M. on Friday June 14, 2013. Refreshments and snacks will be provided after the lecture. Space is limited so reservations are required to attend the talk. Contact Dr. Phil Sheridan at meadowview@pitcherplant.org or phone 804-633-4336.

If you can't join us in person; this talk will be streaming live on this page at 3:00 pm EST 14 June.

More information available on the Meadowview website.

Read more: http://pitcherplant.org/Newsletters...a-Christian-Dietz-and-Claus-Juergen-Lenz.html