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Carnivorous Catchfly

I recently learned about Carnivorous Catchfly (Silene insectivora) listed on the online Jepson eflora while researching other Silene species. Two I photoed in my home area: The weedy European S. galica with pink tinted flowers is sticky on its upper parts to protect flowers. I have witnessed captured insects and assassin bugs scurry along the sticky stems of my local native red flowered S. laciniata. I don’t believe Catchfly is truly carnivorous, but still interesting because I can see how something similar and possibly related could have become Drosophyllum.

Silene nuda subsp. insectivora. First published in Silene insectivora L.F.Hend. in Rhodora 32: 24 (1930)


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Here is a photo of a test I did. Catchfly Silene galica with a pool of fluid secreted around a food offering (a fruitfly butt).