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Hi all, I guess I'll make a permanent pic thread too!

First of all, my outdoor plants made it through another winter! The N.xPredator took the most damage, and I had to move the N. thorelii x aristo indoors due to cold damage. The rest cruised through:

Here's N. platychila x veitchii. I frankly like the lowers on this plant better than regular N. platychila.

Here's a little one still, but obviously going to be good. N. talengensis x ramispina:

N. sp. Langkawi, with some typical basal growth. This is a vigorous plant.

N. thorelii x aristolochioides. My male clone.

The one I call Eyvelospama:

N. (thorelii x aristo) x truncata I like this one because it makes lots of longlasting pitchers:

Everyone loves a Veitchii, even a plain one.

N. lowii x merriliana, getting bigger!

Finally, a long-time favorite, N. veitchii x lowii, just opening a big pitcher:
woot woot way to grow Max!
the man, the myth, the legend, comes to stalk his old haunting grounds once again.
Great plants! Is the veitchii x lowii of Wistuba origins?
Welcome back old school.
Do me a favor and post a few progression updates of your veitchii x lowii, if you'd be so kind.
Mine looks like the same EP clone as yours, but a bit smaller. And I've been drooling over yours for YEARS!! Can't get enough of it..
I was hoping to see updated pics of your vent x aristo Neps just because that is my all time favorite Nep, but it's hard to complain because these Neps are simply amazing. Your N. veitchii x lowii and that N. (thorelii x aristo) x truncata are my newest favorites. Thanks for the pics Capslock.

Whoa!!!! I think I do see your vent x aristo vine on the right side of your first pic!!!!!!
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