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These are all the varieties that I have seen or researched, this is a fully up to date list, and I hope many of you find it helpful.

Nearly all varieties are unofficial, some not well described, and others hardly described at all. So far 'Albino' is the only variety with an official status.

I took giant off the list, because many if not all of the giant varieties are just plants from certain locales.

Drosera capensis varieties

Drosera capensis "Broad leaf" Wide leaves, grows upright
Drosera capensis "Wide leaf" Wide leaves, particularly on the petiole, may exhibit prostrate growth
Drosera capensis "Narrow leaf" Small and narrow leaves with typical coloration
Drosera capensis "Compact Rosette" Compact form
Drosera capensis "Rot" Compact form
Drosera capensis "Alba narrow leaf" Small and narrow leaves with 'Albino' coloration
Drosera capensis "Red narrow leaf" Small and narrow leaves with all red coloration
Drosera capensis 'Albino' or "Alba" Lack of red pigmentation, may display pink tentacles in bright light
Drosera capensis "Red" or "All red" Exhibits dark red coloration
Drosera capensis "Big Pink" Result of either 'Albino' x "All red" or spontaneous mutation of selfed 'Albino' large pink or red
Drosera capensis "Mini Red" Dwarf red form
Drosera capensis "Triffid Rose" Result of "Broad leaf" x "All red"
Drosera capensis "Dark maroon plant" (BZ Bonn clone) Red plant, relatively undescribed
Drosera capensis "Long arm" Meadowview, possible variant with long and slightly narrow leaves
Drosera capensis "Bain's Rocket" Compact wideleaf form, possibly with hair and stemming
Drosera capensis "Rocket" Compact stemming form with wide leaves
Drosera capensis "Sunset" Result of "All red" X "Alba" large and retains albino coloration
Drosera capensis "Minor" Very small dwarf form
Drosera capensis "Hairy" Forms hairs along petiole, pronounced on new growth
Drosera capensis "Robustní velkokvětá" Very big plant with big flowers and wide leaves

Drosera capensis location data

Drosera capensis (Giftberg) large red plants
Drosera capensis (Volgegat) giant
Drosera capensis (Matroosberg) giant
Drosera capensis (Montagu Pass) very large form with long and narrow leaves and interesting upright shape
Drosera capensis (Theewaters) ?
Drosera capensis (Franschhoek) ?
Drosera capensis (Bot River) ?
Drosera capensis (Ceres) ?
Drosera capensis (Gordon's Pass) ?
Drosera capensis (Palmiet River) very big hairy form with long and narrow leaves
Drosera capensis (Bain's Kloof Pass) compact, wideleaf, stemming
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Aren't the Bainskloof plants different from normal capensis as well?
Yup that one just slipped my mind. I've heard rumors that the seed isn't fertile, but I have Bainskloof seed, so we'll have to see about that.

Just added it to the list.
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Yes, the normal capensis from Blaines Kloof area look somewhat different being slightly bigger with wider leaves. There is also hybrid capensis 'sunset'
- "Broad Leaf"
- "Wide Leaf"
- 'Albino'
Alba is the same as Albino.

Ah! I was wondering about that. I knew that Alba was the same as white form but wasn't sure if it was also albino.
'Albino' is the official cultivar name for the white-flowered cape, "alba" is the commonly seen name of reference. It has pink tentacles in full sun, so not truly antho free however.
Off the top of my head I can't think of any other forms....
From what I've read, there are several very different plants circulated with the location tag "Bainskloof." Some have short, wide leaves and grow very compactly while others have extremely long, thin petioles.
Bain's Kloof is hard because the only true description of them is a location, namely Bainskloof pass SA.

"Alba" will be updated to "Albino"

Thank you guys for commenting, it seems as if my list is fairly complete. I need to gather a few additional samples of the more obscure plants, but I think I can begin the project in August.
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Botrivier, ZA is another locality.
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A few come to mind.

A few capensis with location data

"Montagu Pass"
"Bot River"
"Gordon's Pass"

Possible varieties I found were "rot", and "crestate" (which might be the same as "squat")
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Nice and updated list!
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Here is another location I visited: Albion Bog, California.
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Ha, yes I've heard about that particular locale. It's not been included to keep the drama down.