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Capensis Questions

Im getting alot of new growth but when the leaves open up they start to curl down towards the soil. I have no idea if this is normal. I also thought I would have red tentacles, mine are clear. Is this plant a typical? (This is my first sundew)


Clear tentacles are a sign that this is Drosera capensis "Alba" (meaning that it's paler that the other varieties of Capensis with clear tentacles and white flowers).

However, looking at the plant is a whole, I have some suggestions:

1) It appears it could use a tad bit more lighting.
2) That soil looks really messy. I would recommend replanting into fresh soil
3) Keep the soil moist to wet, but not waterlogged to prevent root rot.
4) Feeding will really help it take off.
Thanks Wolfn, I replanted it and put it closer to the light. I'll post a pic in about a week.
Heat might make it curl back. I never had one of those get cold to where the leaves curl back but, then again I've only been into this hobby for a year.
I would like to know the makeup of the soil it was in and what you re-potted it with.
In my experience the leaves will occasionally randomly curl back like that. To be honest I never kept track if it was after some husbandry event or not.

Your plant appears to be an "alba", IMO a repot is not necessary. D. capensis are offensively hard to kill. Just feed the leaves and it should take right off.
Rocketcaver Im not sure what it was in, it looks like it was old peat and perlite. I ordered it from the nursery potted. I replanted in a 50/50 mix of peat and perlite. Its about 6 or 7 inches away from a T8 shop light and Im using distilled water. My venus fly traps are thriving on this soil I now have this plant in but they are outside. I noticed today one the the new shoots is turning black on top, Ill try to show it in a photo. I can grow vfts, this sundew is hard for me. Maybe they don't like nicotine :)


curling leaves usually are indication of low light (with the exception of bains kloof)
in my experience with alba it starts out curling the leaves then they turn yellow then black
T8 bulbs generally don't have very much light output but are notorious for being very cool, I would try to give it more light by moving it closer, I give mine lots and lots of light

you see the lights are only within a few inches of my plant, id try that with yours
the leaves should curl in the opposite direction (ready to catch prey) and the new growth stands very erect and straight if untouched

very very straight.....
hope this helps atall, gl man!
i use t 12's and keep my plants 2" from the bulbs and they do fine , but i will probly go to t 5 ho when i need new bulbs
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Looks light starved and hungry and, yes, nicotine does have a negative impact on them (speaking from experience as an ex-smoker).

This is what I would do if it was my plant: I would put them in a very bright south-facing window or better yet outside in filtered sunlight until acclimated to more sun. If that is not possible, then much closer to the lights than you currently have them. If it has enough dew, you can crush some beta bites pellets, add a couple drops of water, then apply sparingly to a couple of leaves with a tooth pic. If not enough dew for beta bites to stick, then you can use a light foliar fertilizer such as orchid fertilizer mixed in water at 1/4 strength. Don't spray the plant, instead take a tooth pic or whatever and drop the fert on the leaves...that way you avoid the ugly algea that forms on the soil by spraying fert on the plants.

Hope this helps and good luck