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Can I use this as a bog garden?

If I was using this to make a mini-bog, I would fully water proof the inside with a product called Rubberize-It, or with a liberal coating of silicone. That being said, yes, I think it would make a handsome artificial bog. If I was building an elevated one like this I think about drilling a hole in the side near the bottom and plugging it with a rubber stopper or a valve and aquarium bulk-head. That way from time to time the container could be drained and fresh water could be added. I would think that would help flush out the media every so often and prevent mineral build up.

Good Growing!
Well, the boards aren't exactly flush along the bottom, as there are gaps in between them. However, I am sure that I can modify it to be sound by putting a plastic liner in it and maybe have a kind of device inserted into it to help drain the box. There is a sort of plastic mesh liner that comes with it, but its just enough to hold in soil and not much else. I guess its there for planting non bog dwelling plants.
I wouldn't have it raised that high. The medium would freeze much more quickly that one flush with the ground or sunken in.
Yeah, as wire man said. I would worry about it freezing to easily.
Sucks living in a snow-prone climate. I'd jump on that planter in a heartbeat. I would use a sheet of pond liner. They even have a glue (toxic) that works very well sealing; you can install your plastic drain with it.
I am thinking that I might just use a storage bin with holes drilled in it somewhere.
Oh wow, you live in Charlotte too! I'm wondering why I've never seen you before. It would be awesome if we could meet up or something. Anyways, off topic.
The hobbyist called elgecko lives in SE PA and I've visited a few times. He has something similar on his porch. It would work fairly well with temperate plants like VFT's & Sarracenias.
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My girlfriend did the same thing with the storage bin and her sarrs and dews seem happy.
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Api, the reason you probably didn't see me around is because I lurk a lot. :suspect:

I am thinking that I want the garden to be native species only. So, sarracenias and VFTs, and perhaps a sundew or two. Just need to find a nice sunny spot in the yard somewhere to put it.
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I have something similar. I love that fact that I can stand and enjoy the plants without crouching or bending over. In the winter I take the pots out and cover them.