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can drosera digest very small snails?

seen some very small ones stuck to the sides of the terrarium.....what better way to make use of them than to feed them to the sundews.
I would just remove the snails.
I dont duobt it cuold digest them but they might mess it up first by rasping away at it with their radula (sandpaper tongues)
And their mucous might prevent them from sticking and then they would really have a feast.
If you were to crush the slimeballs and put them on a leaf I would imagine the dros would have no problem eating them.

I often find unwanted pond snails in my Utri gibba tank, and I just pull them out and feed them to the sundews. a land snail might live longer, but it probably can't do much harm once stuck.
are they the little stinky ones? If i find one of those snails in my terrarium i crush the little ******* and put it on a sundew leaf
Yes. I had a dew eat one once on accident. Didn't seem to hurt it.