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Build a Carnivorous Bog

There are way too many ways to do this so I'm not going to write an in depth guidline on how to do it unless specifically asked. I'm willing, just don't see a need yet.

I can teach you how to build outdoor or indoor bogs, even mini desk or patio bogs. This is a huge topic and I feel overwhelmed to start until someone gives me a starting point. Otherwise I'll just be typing for the next week.

What do you guys want to learn first I guess?
Well....  I have a 30 (i think) gal tank...  I have it set with the Waters edge viquarium kit.  Any way i went ahead and filled it as said in the instructions with smaller rock, then i just set the plants (in the pots) in the rocks and have it so that the plants sit slightly in the water... Not too sure how much you know about this kit so let me say it has a water side and the rock side, there is a water fall and a "river" that runs across the land side to the water side...  then the water runs through the rocks back to the water fall... i have the water heated and stays at about 80 deg.  I have not had it set up all that too long allthough seams to be doing good.  Have any ideas on what i can do to make this work better?  Oh and the water is distilled
...  I figure this would be considered a type of bog (maybe?) thx. Andrew
The PC term for this is a Paludarium, but thats just if you care about being technical. I consider it one of the many types of bogs you can make.

Yes, I have seen these and wanted one for years till I just decided to make my own. They are very nice kits though. I like how clean they look when you get them together, very few if any rough edges. As far as making it better...

I personally have my water that warm besaude some CP's really hate having warm water. Not all are like this. If you are growing Sarracenias, you can actually set the pot down in the rocks. Sarras will grow near and some species even below the water level.  Sarracenia Purpurea likes to be just above the water level. While Sarracenia Psittancia can be planted bellow the water level.  If you are growing Dioneae they will need to be planted 4"-5"above the water level. If you are going for a good looking Paludarium, I would not plant in pots, I would just build mounds of soil and plant the Dioneae at the top. This way you can plant Drosera around the sides of the mounds and plant live sphagnum or Azolla moss to give the entire pot a greener look and help keep the soil from washing away. Azolla is an aquatic moss so, it can also be just placed in the pond and float around giving it a more realistic pond appearance. It looks like tiny lily pads, I like them alot. Azolla is also good to fight algae, Utricularia are also useful for this. Ummm, I can't think of anything else, it sounds like you did a good job. If there was something I didn't get to that you can think of let me know. One more thing that would look really cool, I do it on all my ponds if I can, is to plant some sort of bamboo or small palm next to the water fall. Gives it that rain-forest appeal.

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