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breeding sarr smurf

has anyone breed sarr smurf does it breed true ?
any interesting crosses done ?
i have a pic of this cultivar from Michael Szesze's nursery, from when i was there getting those plants/fish for my bog /pond

i will see if i can get it up later... at the library now, the pic is still on my home computer...

i think it would make some interesting crosses, perhaps with some of that curled lid trait in them, but being a clonal cultivar, it would not "breed true"
it might if the mutating is dominant
@mickey: i think this question parallels asking if certain vft cultivars such as 'cup trap', 'dentae', 'pom pom', and 'fused teeth' breed true. could end up being a mixed bag.
so its worth trying I also want a fused tooth to try but i will need to find a trade for one somewhere
Your growlist link doesn't work. PM me if you have a list available. I have a fused tooth for trade.
I have seen the purp clone that smurf is supposedly a sport of, and it's a nice plant... I highly doubt it would pass on through seed though.